The Ultimate Multitaskers

Family using multiple electronic devices

We spend more time using screens then we do sleeping, according to Ofcom’s latest communications report.  The average household owns not only one but four devices which they can access the internet on, unlocking more potential opportunities for marketers to reach consumers.  Thinking of my own household I sit here writing this post on my laptop with my phone by my side, listening to the radio from my television.  Consumers are the ultimate multitaskers.  How can our generation of marketing professionals conquer the influx of digital devices?

Paul Verna: ‘The Multiscreen, Multitasking Consumer” (eMarketer)

We’re all together watching television, but we’re not all watching television together

In a recent webinar with eMarketer, analyst Paul Verna discussed multiplatform usage and the implications of this for marketers and consumers.  Paul’s analysis of device ownership in the USA found similar results to that of the UK: PC ownership has declined whilst tablet and smartphone ownership has seen an increase over the past four years.  Users do not rely on one single device to access content through; we have multiple devices to choose from.  How do we use our devices though? Digital media has become increasingly interactive as consumers can watch a television ad or a live show and take part in the conversation surrounding it.  We can tweet about our favourite characters, swoon over a cute advertisement and moan about a bad performance.  How can marketers effectively use these different channels to increase awareness of their brand? One key point made during the webinar was the importance of having a continuity of content across all devices.  Now more than ever, marketers need to create strong content across channels in order to reach their target consumers.  Marketing strategy shouldn’t be a’one size fits all’ approach: it should be effective in its targeting of different consumers through various digital platforms.

Navigating through the multi-platforms

Multiplatform marketing

If done right, this should be a good time for marketing professionals.  Today’s multichannel marketing strategy will need to consider all access points during the user journey.  It can be a mind boggling task for marketers but overcoming this obstacle will pave the way for the success of your brand, product or service.  A huge part of this strategy will need to consider the internet and how it can be used effectively.  What device will your consumer access the internet from? ‘Welcome to the future of play’ is Sony’s latest attempt to channel multi-platform usage.  Their most recent audio-visual advertisement shows users accessing PS4 content from multiple devices and ‘share play’ with users from all around the world.   Gaming technology is increasing its competitive advantage by integrating game play across multi-platform devices.  In this particular example, gamers can not only play games on their console but also access the internet, streaming services and even share game play with users across the globe.

Unite and Conquer

In any marketing strategy, an effective online marketing strategy is crucial for success.  Perfecting the user journey is ever so important in achieving sales and success rates in marketing.  In other words, we need to be with consumers at every step of the way, ensuring content is relevant and addresses their distinct needs.  Multi-platform communication is constantly evolving and we as marketing professionals need to be ready for change.  Marketing communication needs to be one voice across multiple platforms.


2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Multitaskers

  1. Hi Aisling,

    Interesting post, I agree with you that ‘pure play’ online brands are far ahead of their retail competitors, in engaging with consumers across multiple platforms. As we are seeing a whole new sector of wearable devices and smaller digital screens entering the market, do you see this and an opportunity for digital marketers to advertise and communication with people on the go? Or as an other problems in tracking the user journey?


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  2. It is both an opportunity and a threat: marketers willing to engage audiences in new ways will succeed and those who fail to innovate won’t. The industry may have seen a rise in multi-platform usage but also the introduction of big data and analytics. The most important tool a marketing professional can use is analytics and, if used in the correct way can only enhance strategy. In order for the marketing message to succeed, a marketer must make every effort to track the user journey and access points their potential audience will engage with this message from; the success of their brand depends on this.


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